The Lab is an on going research and exhibition series held by Automaton. Between 22.06 - 25.06 the second variation of The Lab was held at Kleiner Wasserspeicher Berlin.
The Lab features a selection of works articulated around our ambiguous relationship to technology. Part magic, part function, technology both stems from specific worlds, and shapes new worlds in return. Through this back and forth, The Lab allows for open-ended, on-going research processes to be exhibited as works-in-progress.

Wonder Sphere

A night of audio-visual experimentation, installations and genre-pushing performances organised by TimeLab at Panke Kultur in Berlin. Featuring new media installations by students and alumni of the New Media Design / Media Spaces master’s programme at UE Berlin, in addition to a number of audio-visual performances curated by Recordat.

the intangible arch of the Dhow

Summer Architecture School (SAS)
Possible Architecture of the Dhow Intangible Sculpture
25th August - 03rd September 2019
A collaborative workshop with Mawane in the city of Manama, Bahrain

A 10-day workshop was created, which brought together architects, sound designers, musicians and light designers to Manama city in Bahrain. The workshop aimed to lead participants in constructing an audiovisual atmosphere within a set exhibition space that was designed in the previous year. Each group of participants designed a space that provides audiences with an immersive experience in response to the selected theme. Through the spatial experience felt within the space the cultural season aims to expose the alternatives of modernity that had never manifested in Bahrain and the possibilities these alternatives can provide to the future that is yet to be.

Tonal Textures

In the interactive installation Tonal Texture , which was shown at the 2018 Venice Design Biennale, the master's student made use of the interplay of material, sound and space. The exhibit was made of a special wood in a wave shape and was scanned by a light projection developed by Basel Naouri. When visitors approached the work, they were confronted with an audiovisual reaction. Similar to a theremin, this depended on where the person is in the room. The visitor could thus modulate sound and light effects themselves, which were projected both from and onto the wall. In this way, real-time audio modulation was brought into a sensual world of experience.