The temporal immersive media environments lab, TimeLab, is a transmedia laboratory for artistic research in Berlin and an advanced hub for collaborative artistic research projects and international partnerships. TimeLab creates and conducts applied & theoretical workshops, research guidance, art residencies, media design competitions, opencalls, internships and cross-learning programs.

Founded and led by architect and media scenographer Basel Naouri, TimeLab carefully curates multidisciplinary teams of professors, artists, architects, designers and researchers to activate and help shape the future of artistic transmedial research on a local, regional and international level.

TimeLab is part of Slowfuture, a Berlin-based alternative studio for immersive storytelling and the design and production of future-oriented formats of audiovisual communication in hybrid environments.

manifest:io - timelab team

Harshini J. Karunaratne - Lead organiser, curator & media director

Basel Naouri - Lead organiser & curator

Riccardo Torresi - Organiser & Technical advisor

Sohrab Samsam - Technical setup and media designer

Lisa Bot - UX/UI & web designer

Francesca Caleca - Media designer

With the support of:

Rodrigo Huesca Brajas - Technical setup and installation

Archit Suryawanshi - Technical setup and installation

Federico Torres - Sound design

Mauricio Llopiz - Visual design